Provider Comp Network, Inc.

Welcome to Provider Comp Network, Inc. a preferred provider organization and part of the Carr Group of Workers' Compensation Services.

Provider Comp Network, Inc. was founded in Ohio in 1996 as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) to assist employers and managed care organizations in controlling escalating workers' compensation costs and to address the health care needs of our clients through an established network of quality, credentialed physicians, hospitals, rehabilitation specialists and other health care professionals.

In this managed care environment, Provider Comp Network, Inc. network professionals agree to discount their charges to employers, managed care organizations and the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.  In return, our clients guarantee that they will encourage participation with the network providers and commitment to prompt and accurate payment to providers for services rendered.

In the past eight years, our growth has been phenomenal.  Provider Comp Network, Inc. has become the recognized leader in provider credentialing, independent medical exams, provider reimbursements and provider billing as well as a resource to our network professionals for medical malpractice insurance.

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We are confident that you will find our network of professionals committed to delivering quality, efficient and affordable services to all patients and clients alike.

                                                Robert R. Carr
                                                Executive Director
                                                Provider Comp Network, Inc.